14 March 2020


Colored by: Kathy Racoosin
Image by Jammie Clark

I am not going to post an altered image today as I would rather share another post. Our 30 Day Coloring Challenge hostess Kathy Racoosin, addressed the ignorant comment I recently received about coloring afros on her blog today: Day 14: AFROS AND MORE

When you have a chance, please read her post! Thanks for your positive comments of love and support! Remember, be kind to unkind people because they need it the most. And if you cannot be kind.....be quiet. 

Thank for taking a peek! 


  1. I’m honored to have met both you and Kathy so I can say with absolute certainty that you both have the kindest of souls. You (and everyone at our table) made my my solo trip to MFT so much more enjoyable and I hope we cross paths again. It makes my heart happy to see the love you have received. Xoxoxo

  2. I, as a Caucasian, and very white person , am appalled at the comment by the 'Other Caucasian" who said that we only do white people. My world is filled with all colours and so many people that I love. Please think of this woman as being a very sad person and how horrible it must be to be so hateful. Your family looks like any other normal family who love each other, celebrate each other and happen to have a daughter who just graduated from Berkley!! I would bet quite a lot that this person did not. Please know that most crafters - no matter the race of colour - are kind, funny, talented people - the same as you.


I appreciate your postive and constructive comments!