05 August 2020


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Hola everyone! Do you know there's power in those puffs your wearing? To all my ladies who rock their puffs and to all the sweet innocent little ones who do the same...it's time you rock a puffs pin! 

I love putting afros and afro puffs on images I color. Dana Joy and I want you to rock your puffs and pins in solidarity of loving your hair! This pin will remind you to show up in life as your authentic self and empower young natrual hair ladies to do the same. Wear them on your backpacks, clothing, book bags and even place them on your enamel pin boards. 

Each pin comes with silver metal clasp backer to keep your pin safely in place. Get ready for the compliments from your sistas! Make sure to grab yours today before they sell out. Dana Joy and I have a limited amount of enamel pins for sale! You can find links to our blogs in our profiles. Click on the sidebar to order. Each pin is $9.99 with $3.00 shipping! Want more than one? Purchase five or more and get free shipping! 


Shop Now!

Click the link above to purchase your pins today!

USA shipping only! Sorry to our international friends. Hoping to ship internationally in the future. 

Thanks for your support! 

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  1. Hi Pam! I'm trying to order a pin, but I'm getting a strange screen and a weird error message. What am I doing wrong?? :)

    1. Hi Megan. Not sure. I have tested link again and am still receiving orders. Could it be from the the device you are using mobile versus desktop/laptop? If you are still having issues please email me @pocono_pam@yahoo.com.

    2. Hi Megan!
      Worked out all the technical issues LOL, the link is in the post. Thank you!

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