07 March 2020


DAY 7 

Happy Saturday everyone! Yep....continuing with the afros! Today I altered these awesome images from the Tiny Heroes Stamp Set by Mama Elephant. I chose them because a few of our fellow colorists are not pleased that I am taking creative license with various images. So, my little afro wearing super heroes are here to kick some butt!

I love coloring and always enjoy participating in Kathy's 30 Day Coloring Challenges. Coloring relaxes me. Soothes me. Fulfills me. Represents me.

Being part of the coloring community I am able to learn from and share ideas with others who love pencils, markers, paints, inks and other mediums as much as I do.

When I purchase a stamp, I think of the various ways I can color and/or alter it to reflect me and my world. So, it was a bit disturbing to receive a message stating that MOST “crafters tend to solely color Caucasian skin and Caucasians do not sport afros!” Well, er uhhhh…I am not most crafters. And surprise... I am not Caucasian. I tend to color the world around me: which includes my immediate and extended family, friends and neighbors. Now this may be upsetting to some, but all of those groups include different races and nationalities.

I may be wrong, but stamp companies want artists to enjoy their products and to be as creative as our little hearts desire. Add a hairstyle, zebra print, sunglasses or shoes to your images. Go crazy! I will continue to alter my stamps. And have fun doing it.

Our coloring community is an awesome and supportive one. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, young, old, male or female. (Yes…dudes craft too!) In our community….we color with kindness!😍

If you want to NICELY play along in the challenge check out Kathy's blog for all details. Be sure to use #thedailymarker30day on Instagram or you can join the FaceBook Group

Thank for taking a peek! 

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  1. So happy to see you altered those superheroes to kick hatred in the butt!


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