20 November 2023

The Cardmaker's Chronicles: Sketchbook/Journal

Hola everyone. Thank you for stopping by today!  I am super excited to introduce a book I created: "The Cardmaker's Chronicles", the ultimate cardmaking journal and sketchbook fusion! It combines creative freedom with practical planning, making it the go-to resource for all of my fellow card crafting enthusiasts.

I envy cardmakers who can grab a product or two  three and immediately see a design in their head then put it to paper. I have tried to do this several times only to end up wasting time, energy and mostly paper and glue. 

At times, I am able to create clean and simple cards on the first try, but of the most part, I sketch my designs. The sketches are usually on scrap pieces paper, Post It Notes, napkins or anything I can quickly write on.  

Therefore, I created a dedicated space for all of my sketches and doodles. I included pages for notes, crafty events, contacts, passwords  and more. 

In the pages of your sketchbook, possibilities are endless and inspiration knows no bounds. So, here's to late night sketches and wild ideas!  

To take a peek at "The Cardmker's Chronicles" please click HERE see my Instagram Reel.

Thanks for stopping by today! 


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