14 July 2020

Day 14 Color Challenge: Sneak Peek

Work In Progress & Sneak Peek:

If you haven’t guessed by now-I am partnered with the talented Sandy Allnock for the upcoming Pass The Brush event this Thursday and Friday. Sandy is giving me the honor of taking over her Instagram  and FaceBook accounts so I may share my work, voice and journey as a Black artist. 

You may recognize this image from Sandy’s post last week. I am giving you a sneak peek of the tutorial video she will be posting on YouTube tomorrow morning. 

I loooove this digi stamp: Afro Girl by DigiStampAtelier on Etsy. I am coloring her on my Apple iPad as I am trying to improve my Procreate skills. I enjoy that most Copic Marker tips, tricks and techniques apply: flicking and blending just to name a few. 

Proceate is fun to play with. There are no inks to refill or paper to buy. Just an initial investment of an iPad and iPencil. There are many tutorials available on Youtube. I initially took classes on SkillShare during a free trial. d 

Sandy and I are really excited about Pass The Brush! Be sure to follow Sandy and #passthebrushart to stay aware of the event and participants.

Thanks for taking a peek, 


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  1. She's beautiful! I'm excited for the event. I'm also very intrigued by your recent Ipad digis. Can they be saved and printed or are they strictly a learning/enjoyment thing?


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