29 September 2019

Take $10 off Cricut BrightPad LightPad

Hi everyone! Through 10.1.2019 you will be able to take $10 off the Cricut BrightPad LightPad. My BrightPad, pictured above, is especially helpful when it comes to weeding. Some of my other crafty friends use it to easily view and/or trace work.  Click HERE to be taken directly to the Cricut BrightPad.

27 September 2019


hoard-verb: to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc. in a hidden or carefully guarded place.

In my craft room I hoard paper, glitter, planner goodies, paper and more paper! I love to color images and can do so all day long! When I do place one of my colored images on card it is rare occasion. But once created, I have an issue with giving them a way. I feel as if I am giving a part of me away. And with that, would a recipient appreciate the work involved in creating a card. Would they know how I carefully selected color combos, the card design, the paper or the glue? Would they even care? So, back into the draw the card goes! Sad, but true. One day, I will be able to part with my hoard....but not today! 

Are you a crafty hoarder? What do you hoard? 

Thanks for taking a peek! 

26 September 2019


IMAGE: Have Hope by My Favorite Things

Good morning EVERYONE!!! So yesterday's SPLAT disaster worked itself out! I turned that pesky blob into a Mickey Mouse ballon. I like how the little girl is peeking from behind the balloon. Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and hopefully I will be able create a card with this image! Thanks for taking a peek!

25 September 2019


Was about to start working on hair, but my C8 Copic Marker was a bit juicy this morning.Then SPLAT happened!  Guess I overfilled it yesterday as I was going through my CLEAN- REFILL- REPEAT routine. I adore this HAVE HOPE Stamp Set by My Favorite Things

24 September 2019

Coffee and Copics

Happy Tuesday EVERYONE! Ready with my coffee....I decided to prep early for the upcoming 30 DAY Coloring Challenge hosted by the amazing and talented Kathy Raccosin of The Daily Marker. The next challenge begins on November 1st! I am cleaning and refilling my Copic Markers so that I am ready to sit and color to my heart's content.

I currently house my markers in a blue Copic Aluminum Case. I purchased mine -for a really great price-a few years ago from my crafty friend and entrepreneur Lameka of Capitol Chic Designs. If you search online you can find one ranging from $80-$400.

Keep in mind the case does not include the insert. I purchased my insert from Our Gray Barn on Etsy. They even create an insert for your Copic Sketch Markers to easily fit inside the IKEA Raskog cart!

Hope you can play along during the challenge. No pressure. 10-15 minutes a day and you do not have to play along every day- life gets in the way! Enjoy your day! Thanks for taking a peek!

19 September 2019

18 September 2019


Cricut Explore Air™ 2, Sky

Get a Cricut Explore Air 2 in ANY hue for only $299!!! Valid through 9/24/2019! Pictured is Sky. Click HERE to take a peek at Fuchsia, Lilac, Rose, Blue, Mint, Raspberry and Black. I use my Cricut for many DIY projects as it can handle everything from cardstock, vinyl and iron-on to a range of specialty materials. 

10 September 2019