03 October 2019

I am a Crafter!

It makes me smile when non-crafty friends and associates claim that they like/love something that I have created. I am elated when asked to create cards, party favors, mini albums, home decor and other hand-made items. Recently, more often than not, non-crafty friends and associates assume that my time, materials and creativity have no value. I am asked to create projects that will take hours for free. Yes, crafting and coloring is a hobby, but I cannot walk into any craft store and ask for free items! At times, I suggest that someone purchase the items and I will create the project. Usually, I get a call/text shortly thereafter, stating that they did not realize how much cardstock, patterned paper, glue and other crafty goodies cost. YEP! Crafting is fun, but it isn't free! 


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