30 September 2015

Before you Push "START BROADCAST"....

Tonight on our TABLE SCRAPS SCOPE, Ruckus and I discussed how to ensure that your public Periscope Broadcast is enjoyable for you and your viewers! In the few minutes used looking for an item or playing with your phone, you can lose followers!  That would be a shame! Here are a few things to check BEFORE YOU PUSH “START BROADCAST”……

*Spit out the gum. No one whats to see or hear you chew! 
*Bio-DO NOT BE AN EGG HEAD! Have a profile Pic and a short 
  description. Viewers want to know who you are and what you are about.
*Title: Keep it Short-Especially if will be Tweeted out. Long Titles 
  often lead to errors on Twitter. Be sure to use hashtags & emojis, 
  as they are searchable on Twitter. 
*Have info that is not in your bio, written out: website, products,
  stores, etc. That way you can have it handy for your viewers to 
*Have a full battery. You do not want to get cut off in the middle of your broadcast!
*Use 4G or Wi-Fi Connection
*Good lighting/Sound. Your viewers do not want to see you
   broacast in the dark! 
*Turn off ALL SOUND notifications or Use AIRPLANE MODE
*If you are using a 2nd device…turn off/notifications
*On ios devices, have your back camera facing something 
  interesting as this will become your thumbnail. On Android 
  devices, you may chose the front or back camera to start your 
  cast! Either way-make sure to start with an interesting shot!
*Decide if you are going to show your location and/or tweet your 
*Use the bathroom prior to your broadcast

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The Mr. Rogers Approach to Your Periscope Broadcast!

Last night on the TABLE SCRAPS SCOPE, Ruckus and I discussed HOW TO HAVE AN AWESOME BROADCAST. We called it the Mr. Rogers Approach. If you think about it, Mr. Rogers was the original Periscoper. He would broadcast everyday, and in doing so-we got to explore the world through his eyes. The only difference is, we could not immediately connect with him via our comments! But…. everything else remains the same.  If you watch an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood you will find…

*Each broadcast has a catchy title
*The viewers are greeted as soon as Mr. Rogers enters the room
*All viewers are treated equally and with respect!
* Viewers are kept engaged
*Great content
*Inspiration and Information
* Consistency! Mr. Rogers always stated that he would be back      
   the next day with more ideas for us! 

All in all, the Mr. Rogers Approach comes down to community, content and kindness! 

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Thanks for taking a peek! 

06 September 2015