06 August 2013

Kathy Orta Has Joined Instagram!!!

Good afternoon everyone! Long time......no post! LOL!!!! I lost my scrapbooking mojo so I decided to turn inward and work on my pyhsical self. While I have been MIA, I have been eating clean and working out with Ruckus. So far, I have dropped 25lbs!!!! 

I have been hanging out on Instagram and have set separate scrapbooking account for my scrappy friends to follow.  Hopefully the change was smooth. At first I used @_tablescraps_ then a few weeks later changed it to @poconopam but kept the Table Scraps pic.  

Please do not be offeneded as I slowly separate my personal from my scrapbooking accounts. It is easier to my scrappy friends without having to go through all of the weightloss, fitness, family and friend accounts as well. 

In addition, I am keeping the scrapping account private, because as you know, there are sooooooooooo many people you can just follow and spam! ARRRRRGH!!!!

Speaking of scrappy friends.....I am EXCITED to mention that KATHY ORTA has joined Instagram as the @paperphenomenon. Welcome Kathy! 


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