11 August 2012

It's Just Paper & Glue!

Hi everyone! It has been so very busy around here for the last few months! Noodles has graduated high school and started college on July 9th! Yep! She is attending school year round and did not want to wait! She is a Fashion Merchandising Major in a NYC and loves it!

In addition to getting Noodles set, life has gotten in the way of scrapping! I am dealing with chronic migraines. My email was hacked and boy was that UGLY! My cell phone, since it is connected to my email account, had to be reset as well. Speaking of UGLY-there have been a few nasty things going on over on YT that RUCKUS and I are going to address on the next TABLE SCRAPS! Sad that people cannot remember that when it comes down to it......

 we are all creatively connected
 and scrapping is just paper and glue!