24 August 2012


One of my favorite summer events takes place tomorrow: Arthur Ashe Kids' Day! @AAKIDSDAY. I am volunteering on Court 11! Stop by & say hi! 

I have always enjoyed late August, early September. It means new school books, new TV cartoons/TV shows, seeing old friends, shiny new shoes & my Daddy taking me from store to store so I can find the PERFECT lunchbox! (Metal-lol). As an adult, late September means volunteering at the US OPEN Arthur Ashe Kids Day. I have been volunteering for the last several years and it feels awesome to give back as I was a recipient of Arthur Ashe's tennis program when I was a teen-ager. Through this free program, I was able to meet greats like Chrissy Everett and John McEnroe and the late Vitas Geralitis.  I adore the game of tennis! 

If you get a chance, grab a kid or two and take them out for a day of fun! The events are free. THE SHOW IS A PAID EVENT-BUT IS AIRED ON CBS ON SUNDAY. The food is reasonable. Go on! HAVE FUN!!! 


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