13 February 2012


Good morning! To my TABLE SCRAPS fans....Linda, Ruckus & I need your help! Tell us what you would like to address in upcoming episodes. Anything scrappy related from products, to YouTube vids/comments, to blogs, to scrap stores, crops, craft rooms..... Anything! Thanks in advance for helping us out!


  1. HI Pam,
    I think for ME as a somewhat newbie... I would luv to see someone get back to basics.. I know I am a highly visual learner. I would luv to see some one make a Tag from scratch Ironing and all.. or use this glue or that to make a mini album from start to finish. We rearly see the bones of any projects here on Youtube!
    For me It irks me to know end my tags still curl... hehe
    I am not sure if that is what you are asking for but I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Pam, Linda and Ruckus!

    How is everyone! Well, I hope. Hmm... I'm not that much of a newbie but I'm no where near awesome like gals (and guys)I see on YouTube or the rest of the blog-world. I'd like to see some tutorials -not sure what yet. Talk about how is the best way to price things we made- like cards. Some take a while to make others are faster. Some take a while because my mojo wasn't there others take a while cause I'm a mommy of 3 little ones and the time just flies on by. I still like hearing of sales that go on or when we can use a special code from certain shops. Always like to hear about contests. About the new and improved crafting gadgets. How to use SVGs (if you use them.)Money saving tips for our craft supplies.
    Whatever it is I hope to see you soon. I saw a video of your top 20 must haves but would like to see you and Ruckus and or special guest more often.



  3. Hey,

    There was an interesting discussion last week regarding scrapbook inspiration in projects. One well known scrapper publicly called out another scrapper who she believed had been lifting her ideas and not giving credit. You three could discuss and give your opinions on this - do scrappers need to give credit for ideas widely used? Are there truly any original ideas left in scrapping? Here is the posting, in case you didn't see it:


    Another idea is product reviews, but from a comparison standpoint: bind it all vs cinch, siloutte vs. cricut, etc.

  4. Sandy, I'm glad that you brought that up I think that would be a great topic to discuss. Inspiration or straight up copying? Hmmmm... that is the question. I think some artist that are being "copied" address it in a professional manner even though their feelings are truly hurt. Others aren't really being copied but feel like they are when there are so many other artist before them that had that idea or similar ideas put out there. I draw and wish I knew how to make digi stamps LOL but I wouldn't go to someone's stamp shop and copy the style and poses even names of their creations... If you've got the talent and know how to set up your shop and create digis for download, why copy? You've got the tools use your imagination.


I appreciate your postive and constructive comments!