09 April 2011


  1. Love your blog, I'm very new to the blogging world so I think you are doing a great job. I love tutorial vids anything to teach me new techniques and what not. Loving you and Ruck with table scraps, thanks so much for sharing your life and laughter with the crafting world. Hugs, Tammy

  2. Hey Pam. Your blog looks great and I'm happy to be a follower. Hugs!(bcdoula)

  3. the blog looks pretty good! love that you got oodles of links!
    blogcandy is basically goodies you are giving away but you are doing it on your blog!

    cheerbear7 :)

  4. Love your YT, Love you both, Love your blog and LOVE the glue gun I got like that from Natasha!
    It works great and the light really helps. I have a new addiction and it is you too. I am a New Jersey girl born and raised that is now ...sniff sniff out west. Pink~A~licious Hugs, Jonnie Girl....

  5. Your blog looks great! I have blogged for a few years now, and it just gets better with practice. I think the hardest thing is doing it! the actual writing.... You are off to a great start! Best Wishes!
    Laurel aka- Scotia9338

  6. Blog looks great to me, you two crack me up. Thanks so much!

  7. The blog looks good to me. Not a million things blinking everywhere... I like it.

    ~Shaunta (smurphme31)

  8. Hey Pam, this is StrayDreams44 on YT, blog candy is like giveaways in blog land, I don't really understand what blog hop is? Maybe you could include what this on your show next week, happy to follow, nice blog background, loving it, Julia.x

  9. There is nothing to improve girl more posts more posts more posts lol

  10. I think your blog looks fine, Pam! I just say keep at it! As for "scrap beef," I don't have any at the moment--its all good here in my corner. I love the videos, and thanks for the salute this week! (ncpeach73)

  11. This is great! U scrap and hubby complains. Story of my life!! My hubby hates that I spend so much money on supplies. That's really my only beef. I'm a newbie to blogging so come visit me!


    A name I got from the hubby. Out of control. Lol

  12. Hey Pam,I love the blog....looks great! I would not change anything!!

    Leslie :)

  13. I love the blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE Table Scraps!! You two are AWESOME!!! Keep it up!
    on youtube

  14. Pam I'm already a follower of your blog and I would love to see pictures of your scrappy creations on here. I really love the background as autumn is my favorite time of the year.
    Thank you and Ruckus for blessing me with laughter.

  15. Hey Pam... Love your blog. Love your vids too. You are on the right track with your blog. I did want to say a Blog candy is just like a giveaway on your blog. I hope that clears that up. I love the blog world just as must as a youtube world. Hugs... Friday

  16. Hi, Pam. I love your blog and I love, love, love your videos. Maybe you could show some of your projects on your blog too. Blog candy is a giveaway on your blog. Keep up the good work and keep doing the vids. :)

  17. Hi Pam & Ruckus,

    SALUTE!! Thank you for the shot out!! I was and still am so excited. I even had hubby watch your episode. I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by an pick it up!


    Favorite Favors


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