24 April 2011

4x4 TILE for Marion Smith's Charity Drive

Here is the 4x4 tile that I created for Marion Smith's Charity Drive to asisst REECE's RAINBOW. This wonderful outreach program helps loving families, through emotional and financial support, adopt children with Down Syndrome. I have ALWAYs referred to these children (and adults) as angels.

I am very excited and honored to participate in this cause. Marion requested that anyone who wanted to participate, make a 4x4 chipbord tile to include the following...vintage style, brown tones and dimension.

Linda and I worked on our tiles together while on the phone Saturday. We texted pics of our progress to each.


  1. Beautiful! Do they sale them & the proceeds go to the charity?

  2. What a beautiful tile...and for such a wonderful cause.
    Thanks so much for coming over to my blog and entering my follower giveaway. I am very happy to meet you and I am not a follower and have send a FB friend request.
    I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful projects!


  3. What a lovely tile!Love all the dimension and detail this has :)


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